cold dishes

80 g TROUT CEVICHE with fennel, cucumber, sesame and roasted sweet potato

165 Kč

100 g BEEF TARTARE with truffle mayonnaise and dried egg yolk, parsley salad, toasted bread

215 Kč

50 g FOIE GRAS CREME BRULÉE candied orange, brioche

175 Kč

120 g PICKLED CHEESE, marinated with hot pepper and herbs, onion salad, toasted pretzel

125 Kč


250 ml OXTAIL CONSOMMÉ with farmer´s egg 63°/63‘

95 Kč

  warm dishes

120 g STEAK HACHÉ homemade fries, Dijon mustard sauce, beet salad

245 Kč

100 g PULLED BEEF NECK IN DILL SAUCE, fire-roasted potatoes, grated egg yolk

195 Kč

100 g "SEGEDÍN" meet ravioli, roasted cabbage, sauce of gabbage juice with smoked paprika

195 Kč

100 g SPÄTZLE WITH GRILLED PORK TENDERLOIN cream sauce with whole-grain mustard

195 Kč

100 g CHICKE IN PAPRIKA SAUCE celeriac roll stuffed with bell pepper ragout, roasted egg barley

195 Kč

100 g DUCK CROQUETTES pickles, coriander mayonnaise

165 Kč

120 g POACHED TROUT FILLET with béarnaise, sauce, roasted bok choy

195 Kč

150 g ROASTED CAULIFLOWER, sweet corn purée, sugar peas, popcorn

185 Kč


125/250 g ROASTED VEGETABLE salad with herb dressing and buckwheat popcorn

95/165 Kč

125/250 g SALAD OF FARMER´S EGG 63°/63‘ avocado, roasted corn and semi-dried tomato

115/185 Kč

  beer&wine nibbles

70 g ROASTED ALMONDS AND PEANUTS with chili and coriander

75 Kč

100 g FIRE-ROASTED GRENAILLE POTATOES herbed curd cheese

75 Kč

1 ks PRETZEL garlic dip

75 Kč


50 g CHOCHOLATE GANACHE CAKE with raspberry sauce

125 Kč

Information about allergens will be provided by the staff on request.